Nettie's Pierogies, Borscht, Cabbage Rolls Recipes
This is my mom Nettie in 1948. She was the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants born in Winnepeg Canada on March 5, 1927. I have fond memories of her spending hours in the kitchen cooking Pierogi (Pyrohy), Cabbage Rolls (Holubtsi), and Borscht (Borshch) from recipes handed down to her. She enjoyed creating these dishes, and everyone around her, neighbors, friends, and of course family, benefited. When a lifetime of health issues started gaining on her in the 1990's I got Nettie to jot down these recipes. Mom has moved on to a better place now but she would be elated to share them with you. All Nettie wanted to do in her life was to make people happy, if not one at a time. Enjoy!

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This is me and mom in 1972 after we got out of a lifetime in the Air Force and settled in Tucson, Arizona, back to where she met my dad in the 1950's. A doctor in Canada, diagnosing her with Raynauds disease and Scleroderma, told her "move to Tucson or you'll be dead before you're 25". She took that advice. Nettie described to me how on her first day in Tucson in 1954 she sat on the roof of the YWCA in the blazing winter sun and thought she "died and went to heaven".

Note the bright orange shag wall-to-wall carpet and her avocado green attire, Nettie's two favorite colors (and almost the color scheme for this site!)

Winnepeg, 1944

Nettie grew up and was friends with Hunky Bill, the "Crazy Canuck" that pierogi afficionandos need no introduction to.

Tucson, 1994

Nettie loved the desert, the cactus, the abundance of birds and their singing in the morning. A world away from the colds of Canada or the fields of the Ukraine, the smell of Pierogies and Cabbage Rolls always fit right in with the desert somehow.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. If you have any comments or questions please email me at billc

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