Welcome to Ed Arnaud's gallery of photos capturing live performances of bands at various venues in Tucson, Arizona, 1982-1984. While these photos do well to document the burgeoning hardcore punk movement at the time they are not limited to bands of that genre.


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Black Flag
Suicidal Tendencies
Circle Jerks
The Vandals
Meat Puppets
Civil Death
Violent Femmes
Various Artists, Including JFA, Toxic Reasons, Americas Hardcore, Public Enemy (Tucson), ZanyGuys, and others




(update Sept 13, 2009)

Visit Ed's site featuring high quality color shots of many 80's era "name" bands such The Police, Dio, The Bangles.


Ed, the consumate photographer had this to say when asked how he got such great shots, with or without permission: "I used to sneak my camera into some shows... era big bell bottom pants and my knee high tube socks. I stuffed my camera body in one sock, and the lens in the other. I only had a 50mm lens at the time. You could kind of see a wobble when I walked, but I walked carefully through the entrance doors. Back then, I remember bouncers would only check my waist area, bottles or weapons, I guess."


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For more information about these gigs, hardcore in Tucson, flyers, etc., go to shavedneck.com



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