Billy West Interview

KZSU Stanford, November 30, 2005 6:30-7:30 PM PST via telephone with Your Imaginary friend

Note: this webpage is NOT complete and is only for people chomping at the bit to hear the interview. When this goes public i will include pictures and all sorts of stuff, including a text transcript.

All sound files are in MP3 format at 96 kbps, in temporal sequence

5) Popeye and Tuvan throat singing
2) Jump to TV, Ren and Stimpy
6) Growing up, getting into music and his current side gig as Billy West and the Grief Counselors
3) Futurama, Shatner
7) Comedy, Celebrities, Voice-Over acting
4) Looney Tunes and Hollywood
8) Billy Bastard, whats next for Billy West