I somehow ended up with only a meager handful of Phoenix flyers but thanks to Stuart Moss and Greg Yahner's recent generosity a vital record of Phoenix gigs during a crucial period are represented. Flyer artist Arthur Shane recently contributed some his work that covers a fertile period in Phoenix post-1985. My flyers include a couple from the Calderon Ballroom and essential ones from the notorious Madison Square Gardens (Mad Gardens was an old wrestling venue; an entire tome could be written about the place. Several flyers capture its unfortunate demise). Greg's supplement mine plus add to Stuart's flyers that capture the rocky road Phoenix hardcore traveled after the demise of Mad Gardens, the short lived illustrious Temple, and the migration to the Knights of Pythius, et al. 1984 was a busy year. Lisa Laplaca and Joe Byrne's serve a nice transition into Arthur Shane's beautiful work.

d01-DOA-Calderon d02-CH3-Agression-Calderon d03-GBH-MadGardens
d04-DKs-MadGardens d05-CathedralofTears d06-Crucifix-MadGardens d07-MadGardensFarewell d08-MadGardenEpitaph


Here are flyers from 1982 to 1984 courtesy of Greg Yahner.  Greg is a long time punk, played in a local band called Mr. Ugly from the same era as well.  Enjoy!


83-84 Flyers Provided by Stuart Moss


1985 Flyers from Lisa Laplaca
1986 From Joe Byrnes


85-87 Flyers Provided by prolific flyer artist, Arthur Shane





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