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1983, Albuquerque. This was part of a two city road trip taken by Conflict in the depth of winter, the other city being Denver. Jerry's Kidz (not to be confused with Boston's Jerry's Kids) were a primo local skate punk band who had a half pipe built in their backyard. The gig was held in some strange tiny space in the back of a lock shop, the "Bash and Mash" (thanks Sleep!). The scene there was small and even tighter than that of Tucson's at the time, really refreshing. I remember this really big guy coming through the door with about 5 cases of cheap beer stacked in his arms and being tackled by everyone there, boys, girls, laughing, beer cans flying. It was an excellent time. Conflict crashed on one of Jerry's Kidz' floor that night, with Grandmaster Flash on the stereo.




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