I had a subscription to Maximum Rock and Roll from 1982-84 and found a "pen-pal" through their letters section. Though short lived, our communications mostly served as a "flyer exchange". Most of the LA flyers that follow are those that my "pal", Pat Longrie, then of Laguna Hills, mailed me. Many thanks go out to Pat. (Interestingly, it turned out that I had met Pat months before in the parking lot of The Vex. The punk "scene" was and is indeed a very small world...).

December 2005 Jen McLellan sent me a veritable Fear retrospective worthy of a subsection in and of itself (something tells me she's connected to the band). Thanks Jen!

The last five are classics sent to me by LA old schooler Billy Broadfoot (added 1/8/05). They are a tad older, 1979-80'ish, but represent shows and bands that were the quake for the tsunami to follow. Thanks Billy!

e01-VegasFlyer e02-JerrysKidzConflict-Albuequerque e03-CircleJerksGoldenVoice e04-CH3-Cathay e05-CH3-Pandoras-Cathay e06-PunxANightInThePit
e07-SuicidalTendencies e08-SubhumansGoldenVoice e09-PeterandtheTTBabies e10-PiL-SavageRepublic e11-GBH-Goldenvoice e12-NervousGenderPerkinsPalace
e13-AngelicUpstarts e14-TSOL-Goldenvoice e15-SexGangChildrenGoldenvoice e16-BYO-ChristmasBash e17-Vexx




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