Many people claim nowadays that there are penis enhancers in the form of pills that can give men what they want. Unfortunately, these pills have not gained any scientific evidence that they work. Many of the pills will even harm the penis and cause other side effects to the user. The best penis extenders should be sought for if a man gets complaints from his partner about not giving her adequate satisfaction in bed. To protect that relationship, it is important for the man to do something about it. Men can also look for penis extenders that work if their penis length is not up to 5 inches when erect. There are even men with penis length of less than 3 inches but then, they have nothing to worry about because there are extenders that will work for them.


Instead of swallowing pills that don’t work and may harm your body, it is better to use a more scientific method, which is the use of extenders. More people say they are comfortable with this as it has actually helped them to add a few more inches to their original penis size.

Having known that extenders are the most preferable option, the next concern is where to get the ones that work. If this has been your concern, then you have reasons to now cheer up as you continue reading this piece.

Three penis extenders that have been recognized to work are:

The Quick Extender Pro:

This is one of the best extenders you can find out there. Apart from being able to give your penis an extra one inch within a month, the Quick Extender Pro also corrects penis curvature, making it straight again for the woman’s maximum satisfaction and to improve the man’s self esteem. If you are bothered about how comfortable this can be to you, you have no reasons to fear because the owners had that in mind when manufacturing it. Men that have peyronie’s disease also now have a reason to smile because this product takes away the challenge. The Quick Extender Pro is the solution to those who want to get the best penis shape without going for a surgery. Customers who have used this product always express their optimum satisfaction and do not hesitate to refer people because it is also very affordable. The makers usually give discounts and you may be lucky to have up to 80% price slash when you make an order. The product was created with the highest standards against allergies and side effects to the penis skin. There is no fear of losing your money because the item comes with a money-back guarantee of 6 months, within which you can be refunded. There is also a life-time warranty for users. The Quick Extender Pro may be your best choice if you want a product that is designed with the application of science. It works to increase both the length and width of your penis proportionally. It begins the growth process from the cells of the penis and causes no pain during its application.

Phallosan Forte:

This penis enlargement tool can give you an extra 2 inches of penis length. Apart from the length, it also increases penis girth by up to 3.5 cm within 6 months. As the year is just beginning, you can make it one of your targets to increase the width and length of your penis by using a method widely acclaimed to work without surgery. When you buy Phallosan Forte, be rest assured that details about you will not be disclosed to anyone. The personal information collected is only to help you get the best results from the product. Apart from the confidence this will give you after a few months, you will be more potent in both satisfying your wife in bed and impregnating her. Many couples without children therefore now have more reasons to smile and worry no more about their condition. Phallosan Forte is used by doctors to prevent erectile dysfunction especially after a prostate operation. For better results, users will be encouraged to wear Phallosan Forte for several hours. Since this is more achievable at night during sleep, the product was designed from allergen free materials. Wearing it at night is also possible for those who sleep with their backs facing up, and for those who sleep on their sides. This just means that Phallosan Forte will not change the way you sleep. The Phallosan Forte penis extender has been certified useful in enlarging penis length and girth by study groups and hospitals. It is said to increase sexual pleasure by making the penis more sensitive when touched. Even at that, there is no report of causing premature ejaculation so these qualities make it the best for improving potency. Men who have got erectile dysfunction as a result of diabetes mellitus can also be sure of improving their condition after using Phallosan Forte.


If you are looking for a penis enhancer that is declared excellent by the FDA, then you have got SizeGenetics to depend on. Little wonder customers who use it readily want to give their testimonies in appreciation of what they have benefited from the product. It also gives an improvement in the length and breadth of the penis by some inches without having the need to go for surgery or take drugs. According to users, up to 2.2 inches in length and 0.7 inches in girth can be realized in four months. Because the manufacturers are sure of what they profess about this product, they are also giving a 100% money back guarantee on any item purchased. Like other penis enhancers,

SizeGenetics works by causing small tears on the skin during stretching so that when the cells are repaired, they become bigger and stronger, thereby increasing the length and girth of the penis and improving erection as more blood can now flow into it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm or pain the user because the stretch provided is gentle. SizeGenetics is capable of giving better results than other similar products because it gives a traction tension of up to 2,800 grams, which is way more than what other products can offer. This actually explains the reason why men with a penis length of 2 inches, a condition known as micro penis syndrome, are advised to go for SizeGenetics penis extender. Results can become noticeable from the eight week of usage when the penis must have increased by about 13%. In 16 weeks, the extension is about 19% of the original length. It is close to 25% on the 20th week and about 30% from the 24th week of usage. SizeGenetics has gained the endorsements of several specialists in plastic surgery such as Dr Finn Worm and Dr Jorn Ege. Another surgeon by name, Dr Siana, believes that this could be more advisable to do than an invasive surgery.

The products mentioned above cost little to nothing compared to the benefits obtainable from them. Remember you can get discounts if you order on time. Use these best penis extenders and avoid the side effects of pills which include headaches, body pains, problems with food digestion, weakness, sight problems, flushes, runny nose, and erectile dysfunction just to mention a few. Some pills can also create a situation where the penis stands erect for several hours without any stimulus for it, a condition known medically as priapism. Since the extenders work naturally on the penis, you can expect little or no drawbacks in your day-to-day activities.